Amongst all of the new online retail trends that of come up over the last few years, selling on Facebook is probably the one that has really made quite a difference in the way that people deal with retail. And when it was announced that the biggest e-commerce platform, Shopify, will be able to integrate with the world’s biggest social media platform, people understandably got very excited about it. And while there are a lot of great things about this cooperation between the two brands, there are also some downsides that a lot of people forget about. So if you wanted to sell products on Facebook with Shopify in Australia, we suggest you read this article first in order to find out a bit more about some of the pros and cons.

You will get a big brand was ability increase

Selling on a platform like Shopify is a great way for you to start out your business, however if you’re looking for a place where you will get a very large amount of potential customers, then Facebook is probably the best bet you have. This is after all a social media network and because of that it has a lot of different tools that will help expand your brand’s reach, and with that it will increase you brand awareness. The ability for people to like and comment on your post, as well as share them with their friends and family gives you the ability to widen your audience much faster than any traditional style of advertising or marketing would ever do. There is actually a lot of research out there that proves that about 30% of people that like to shop online actually prefer shopping via social media platforms instead of going to traditional e-commerce websites like the ones that Shopify has, and this is something that you can use to your advantage with Facebook.

You don’t own the platform or the store

The great thing about working with a platform like Shopify in Australia is the fact that once you are paying your monthly fees and your transaction fees and everything else, you are the owner of that e-commerce website and you were the one that gets to sit all the rules on it. However when you were selling on Facebook with Shopify the problem here is that your store will always belong to Facebook and there is no way for you to change that. With the Shopify e-commerce you’re the owner and that means that you can choose when to shut down the store, went to sell more products, went to add new features and so on, but with Facebook they are the owners and they get to do whatever they want with, what is essentially, their property. They can shut down your store, they can disable any of the functionalities that you’ve added and they can even change the cost of the monthly fees without any explanation. While we don’t feel that they would do anything unpleasant without any warning or without any specific reason for doing so, the fact remains that they have the power to do it and if that should happen you have nothing to protect yourself with. This is a pretty big disadvantage and you really need to consider it well before signing up to sell on this social media platform.

There will be lots of comments

When you are a business owner you really want to encourage reviews, whether they’re positive or negative, because they give the feeling that you care about what your customers think and about their needs. If you have a Shopify e-commerce store, then a review section is highly recommended because it may actually help you bring in more customers. However, when you sell on Facebook with Shopify the problem is that there are a lot of people on the platform and a lot of them comment just for the sake of commenting, regardless of whether they have actually had any experience with your brand or product. Unfortunately there is nothing that you can do to protect yourself from this because the Facebook mechanisms actually encourage the users to express themselves as freely as possible down in the comments, so this is something that you will have to deal with whether you like it or not. The important thing to remember is that even though not all of the comments will be positive, and some of them will be even be downright rude, it is up to you to keep your professional attitude and stay polite and positive with every single person that comments. This is not something that every business owner can do, so again this is really something that you need to consider very well.

Sell on Facebook

The infrastructure is already there

We’re going to end this article by talking about something that is really great about the Shopify and Facebook integration, and that is the fact that when you go on Facebook you actually see that the infrastructure is already there and there really isn’t anything that you will have to do. Facebook already has pretty much everything that you will need for your store, and if you use Shopify on top of that you will have every single tool that you could ever need for your Facebook store in Australia. The difference here is that unlike with Shopify, with Facebook you don’t have to build a website from scratch and all you have to do is add your products and start to sell.

You will also get a lot of great advertising and marketing tools, and of course the incredible amount of customers that are already Facebook users which will be at your reach. You can see that when it comes to selling with Facebook with Shopify you will get both pros and cons, and in the end of the day it will be up to you to decide whether the cons will be worth dealing with in order to get the pros. We really hope that you found his article interesting and educational, that you learnt something new and that you are going to take what we said into consideration before deciding whether the strategy is the right way to go for your business and Australia or not.

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