If you are a newbie to the online space, you get bombarded with templates from many available service providers. Choosing the perfect one might be a daunting task ad might end up costly. For a start, all you want is to have the functional website that will give you maximum performance. Now, that’s your desired result. However, achieving your desired result has no straightforward formulae. In short, you might invest heavily in a theme only to find out later that your chosen theme does not provide the kind of functionality and experience you had envisaged.

For all new store owners who are grappling with such challenges, you are in luck as this article will take you through the must-have features in the best e-commerce templates.

Security should be top priority for any meaningful templates for websites

The emergence of e-commerce platforms and the resultant buying and selling online has triggered a sharp increase in cybercrime. Instances of account hacking, information harvesting, and identity theft have been reported the world over. The payment card industry has made it mandatory for any website that stores customer information to invest in an SSL certificate to secure the information. Therefore, when you look at a template for your store, make sure that it comes with military grade 256-bit encryption for securing data.

Consider Disk Space provided by website themes

The disk space that comes with the template will impact significantly on your site’s functionality. If your site will have many products and corresponding images, it goes without saying that more disk space will be required. In case you need more space, you can purchase more disk space without necessarily upgrading the whole package.

Number of products to display informs the e-commerce templates to use

Many start-up online stores have few products to display in their early stages. However, as the store grows, the number of products increases. If the online store that you intend to launch will have many products, or if you intend to increase the products shortly, then you need to select a website template that is capable of displaying a broad range of products.

Choose themes for e-commerce website that have payment processors that support local customers

Your online store should be able to process payments. It is normal for many online platforms to have at least two payment processors one for international customers and another one for local customers. The challenge is in finding a website template with a payment processor for your local customers. If a payment processor for your local customers is not listed, make sure to contact them to find out if the payment processor for the local customers can be integrated.

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